23 Best One Player Board Games For All Ages

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Want to play a board game but can’t convince friends or family to play? No worries I have found the best one player board games for kids and adults.

My son has played single player board games for kids in our homeschool of 1 for many years.

These solo player board games are great for all ages from 3 years old to 103! There really is something for everyone.

one player board games

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Best solo board games

Get ready for some serious board game fun!

We all love those wild game nights with friends and family, but sometimes you just need a little “me” time, am I right?

That’s where one-player board games come to the rescue!

Picture this: You, a cozy blanket, and an epic board game adventure all to yourself. It’s like a party for one, and you’re the star!

Whether you’re a parent trying to keep the kiddos entertained or an adult in desperate need of some “you” time, we’ve got you covered.

These are not just one player games for kids, more than half of these board games are for adults.

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