Online Guitar Lessons For Kids With Tremolo Guitar School

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With what has happened over the last year, it has been more and more important for us to find GOOD live online classes.

Luckily for us, we already homeschooled, so apart from a few tutors and basketball practice our lives didn’t change too much.

We didn’t (couldn’t) want to invite people into our home to teach lessons in person, so when my son asked for guitar lessons I had a problem!

So my mission was to find good private online guitar lessons for kids who had never played before.

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Before I tell you what I found (it’s worth waiting for) I wanted to explain why music is so important in our homeschool.

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Why Music Is Important In Child Development

Why music is so important to child development, and why all homeschoolers should have music lessons

We all know that music is important in babies when they are in the womb. We play classical music or sing soothing lullabies to the baby, and feel the baby moving.

When the baby is born, we continue to sing lullabies, when the baby is crying, or when trying to go to sleep. This helps to calm and soothe them.

When children get older music ignites all areas of child development. When learning a musical instrument, it helps children in the areas of:

  • Reading Skills
  • Language Acquisition
  • Mathematical learning
  • Socializing
  • Motor Skills
  • Expands Imagination
  • Improves mood

So with all this knowledge, why wouldn’t we study music in our homeschool?

**Disclosure: I was compensated for my time to write this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I only share resources that I would use with my own family and those that I believe other homeschool families will enjoy. There may be affiliate links in this post.**

Why Learning a Musical Instrument is Important

To be honest, when we first started homeschooling, it was the last thing on my mind. You need to study, Math, English, History, Science, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Art, but not once did I think about adding music into our weekly curriculum.

I never studied it in public school (yes it was a very long time ago!), so I just didn’t think of it.

About a year into homeschooling his public school friends started coming home with recorders and violins. It initially made me laugh, as they make awful noises when played by a beginner, but then it got me thinking. The reason I homeschooled was to improve his education, not to have holes in it.

So from that moment on we got a keyboard, and have since upgraded to a piano. He actually wanted the drums, but that was a hard no!! He was only 9 at the time, and I am a mean mom! If you are interested in online piano lessons for kids check out our favorite 18.

Online Guitar Lessons For Kids

There are so many free online guitar lessons for kids, but these are pre-recorded and not live. You have to play the songs on their database, and more often than not, they are not the songs your child wants to play. Also if you make a mistake or need help you have to ask Google for help.

Learning an instrument is hard, but without a live tutor, it is nearly impossible. That is why a private online guitar lesson is the only way to go.

Taking live online guitar classes is much better than driving 30 minutes to band practice! We have enough to do with sports practice and homeschooling!!

The best online guitar calasses for kids

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Tremolo Guitar School

Guitar lessons for kids online with Tremolo offer the best online private tuition we have found. They currently have three exceptional tutors all of which have music degrees from the best universities in the UK.

Online Guitar Lessons For Kids

What Makes Tremolo Guitar School the Best?

Although Tremolo Guitar School has currently only three tutors, between them they have over 70 years of guitar playing experience!

All guitar lessons are taken via Zoom or Skype and you can have a FREE TRIAL.

Tremolo Guitar School Reviews

Don’t just take my word for it, they get 5 stars reviews on both Google and Facebook from incredibly happy parents.

Opening Hours of Tremolo Guitar School

The below hours are UK times, in brackets, I have included American Eastern Daylight Time, so even if you live in America there is plenty of time for you to have a private online lesson with one of the amazing instructors.

  • Monday 10am–8:30pm (5am – 3.30pm)
  • Tuesday 10am–8:30pm (5am – 3.30pm)
  • Wednesday 10am–8:30pm (5am – 3.30pm)
  • Thursday 10am–8:30pm (5am – 3.30pm)
  • Friday 10am–6pm (5am – 1pm)
  • Saturday 10am–3pm (5am – 10am)
  • Sunday Closed

Cost of Personalised Online Guitar Lessons For Kids

This is the best bit.

You can opt for either a 30-minute class or an hour and the prices are in my opinion very reasonable.

A 30-minute lesson is only £20 ($27) or for an hour lesson, it is £37.50 ($50).

Try your FREE TRIAL with Tremolo Guitar NOW.

Let me know in the comments below how your lesson went.

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