7 Reasons to Homeschool Your Child in 2023

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My son is a very bright and social child, so why have we chosen to homeschool? I used to get asked this question a lot when we first deregistered him from public school at 8 years old. So I wanted to put down our reasons to homeschool if you get asked the same!

Check out all of the homeschooling pros and cons in this post, if you are considering this as an option.

He is above average academically, and I felt that the school did not push him enough.

There is no way one teacher could individually teach all children to their own personal level. But I can.

Carry on reading for the main reasons to homeschool that are not religious.

If you are looking for a secular homeschool curriculum check out our favorites.

reasons to homeschool

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What Are The Main Reasons to Homeschool?

Actually for us in the end there were lots of reasons we decided to homeschool like there are for most of us. But these are the most important, and in fact, the reason we still continue to homeschool 5 years on.

1. More Focused Learning

In our case, as I homeschool an only child, my son was literally getting 1 on 1 tuition with me. He didn’t have to wait for 25 other students to grasp the topic, and he didn’t have to worry that he hadn’t understood something that they all had. But even if you have multiple children this will still be a great reason to homeschool.

You as their mom (or dad of course) can give them much more focused learning, and tuition than any public school could.

2. Being able to address special needs

This for us wasn’t part of the reason we decided to homeschool. However, now I homeschool a child with ADHD there is no way he could go back to public school.

Now don’t get me wrong lots of kids go to school with ADHD and that’s great, but this isn’t what I want for my child. We do not medicate, but I know if he were at school he would be.

3. Flexibility

We are year-round homeschoolers mostly. Now I say mostly as we take off between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Being able to work during the summer (we live in South Florida, and summer is unbearable) and take off parts of the winter is just better for us.

On a side note, being able to take off random days (when the kids are in school) is definitely a benefit!

4. No Bullying

Luckily for us as we left the public school system when my son was 8 we didn’t experience any bullying. But, I am very aware that this is one of the main reasons to homeschool. It is so sad, but I know it is true.

5. Work at their own pace

The children can work at their own pace when they are homeschooled. They don’t need to rush from one subject to another, they can spend time actually learning.

If they enjoy math, for example, they can rush ahead to a different grade level, they don’t need to be held back or pushed ahead.

Or if they have questions on a history or science topic they can spend time researching it, for fun!

6. No learning to the test

My son has lots of friends in public school and they seem to have a test every single day! It’s crazy, I am not sure how they are actually learning anything. This was one of the main reasons to homeschool for us!

A child’s natural thirst for learning is nurtured, and not squashed when they are homeschooled.

We do actually test once a year, although we don’t need to in our state. We use map testing for homeschoolers with Homeschool Boss, mainly to check he is still on track.

7. Independent Learning

Very quickly we discovered that my son worked better when he was more in control of his own learning. He now marks his own work and helps choose his electives.

He has decided he wants to learn Japanese as his homeschool foreign language, despite living in South Florida where most people speak Spanish!

But that is what he wanted, and that is what motivated him. See our favorite Japanese homeschool curriculum and what we use to supplement it.

8. Family Relationships

You get to spend real quality time with your children. This should not be a reason to homeschool, however, I can assure you it is a great benefit of homeschooling.

If your child has siblings though them spending more time together is a great way for them to have lasting friendships.

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  1. I don’t home school at the moment but we are considering it. Thank you for the reviews it really did help x

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