Free Parts of a Butterfly Worksheet

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Have fun learning about the butterfly with these free parts of a butterfly worksheet.

Looking for some engaging and educational activities? Look no further!

We’ve got you covered with these free printable science worksheets that introduce your students to the incredible world of butterflies.

This worksheet focuses on six parts of a butterfly: head, thorax, abdomen, hindwing, forewing, and antennae.

There are 3 different worksheets to download, labeling the parts from a word bank, writing them without hints, or matching them to the right place.

To add some color, there’s a black and white butterfly waiting to be transformed into a vibrant masterpiece. Let the learning and coloring begin!


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What are the parts of a butterfly?

In this interactive worksheet, we will embark on an exciting adventure to discover and learn about the six essential parts that comprise a butterfly’s magnificent body.


The head of a butterfly is where all the action begins! It houses its eyes, which are made up of tiny individual lenses, allowing the butterfly to see in many directions.

The head also contains the butterfly’s proboscis, a long, straw-like structure used for sipping nectar from flowers.

butterfly parts worksheet


The thorax is the butterfly’s central powerhouse. It is responsible for housing the butterfly’s strong muscles, enabling it to fly gracefully through the air.

The thorax also connects the butterfly’s three pairs of legs, allowing it to perch on flowers and leaves.


The abdomen of a butterfly is like its control center. It contains vital organs such as the heart, which pumps hemolymph (a fluid similar to blood) throughout the butterfly’s body.

The abdomen also plays a crucial role in digestion and reproduction.


The hindwings of a butterfly are located towards the back. These wings are larger and broader than the forewings and help provide balance and stability during flight.

The hindwings often showcase stunning patterns and colors, contributing to the butterfly’s overall beauty.

parts of a butterfly


The forewings of a butterfly are found towards the front. They work in tandem with the hindwings to create the mesmerizing flight patterns that butterflies are known for.

The forewings, like the hindwings, display captivating colors and patterns unique to each species.


The butterfly’s antennae are like its antennae to the world! They are long, thin sensory organs located on the butterfly’s head.

The antennae help the butterfly navigate its surroundings, detect food sources, and even find a suitable mate.

butterfly parts worksheets

Hands-on Butterfly Activities

There is nothing better than seeing firsthand the life cycle of a butterfly with this live butterfly kit. We have done this every year for the last 6 years as we love it so much!

Create a butterfly garden in your school or home. Select plants that attract butterflies, such as milkweed, butterfly bush, and coneflowers. Engage your students in the process of planting and caring for the garden. Encourage them to observe the different butterfly species that visit the garden and document their findings.

Introduce the art of origami by guiding your students to create their own paper butterflies. Provide them with origami paper or square pieces of colored paper and follow simple butterfly origami instructions together. This activity enhances fine motor skills while fostering creativity and patience.

Learn about butterflies with these free printable butterfly coloring pages.

Books about butterflies for kids

Looking for butterfly books for kids that are both educational and captivating? Look no further! Dive into the enchanting world of butterflies with these delightful reads.

National Geographic Caterpillar to Butterfly book. This beautifully illustrated book takes young readers on an engaging journey, following the transformation of a caterpillar into a magnificent butterfly. Through vivid photographs and accessible text, children will learn about the different stages of a butterfly’s life cycle, its unique body parts, and the wonders of metamorphosis.

My O My – A Butterfly. Join the Cat in the Hat as he whisks young readers on an educational adventure, exploring the world of butterflies. Packed with rhymes and delightful illustrations, this book introduces children to the various species, habitats, and behaviors of butterflies, fostering a love for nature and curiosity about these captivating creatures.

Monarch Butterfly. In this informative book, Gail Gibbons introduces children to the fascinating world of Monarch butterflies. With detailed illustrations and clear explanations, young readers will discover the life cycle, migration patterns, and importance of milkweed plants for Monarchs.

Butterfly Life Cycle Worksheet Bundle


Other butterfly activities and printables

Carry on learning about butterflies with these free preschool butterfly activities:



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Download the free parts of the butterfly labeling worksheet

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