45 Virtual Field Trips for Homeschoolers

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Virtual field trips for homeschoolers open up a world of educational opportunities without leaving home.

These digital excursions are perfect for integrating diverse, immersive experiences into your homeschool curriculum.

Virtual museum tours are cost-effective and logistically simple and provide access to global destinations and subjects that might otherwise be out of reach.

From exploring natural history at the Smithsonian to touring the Great Wall of China, digital excursions can transform learning into an exciting adventure.

Let’s explore the benefits, top destinations, and tips for making the most of remote learning experiences in homeschooling, along with the best homeschooling resources.

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The Benefits of Virtual Reality Tours in Homeschooling

Virtual field trips provide several advantages over traditional field trips.

For one, they offer access to locations that might be geographically or financially out of reach. Additionally, virtual trips can be revisited multiple times, allowing students to absorb information at their own pace.

This flexibility supports individualized learning and caters to different learning styles, a cornerstone of effective homeschooling.

Another significant benefit is the ability to explore diverse topics.

Whether your child is interested in natural history, geography, or the arts, virtual field trips cover a broad spectrum of subjects.

This diversity helps keep students engaged and makes learning more dynamic and interactive.

Top Virtual Field Trip Destinations for Homeschoolers

Acadia National Park

Explore Acadia National Park in Maine with a virtual tour. This park offers stunning visuals and educational opportunities in geography and environmental science.

Atlanta Zoo Panda Webcam

Watch adorable pandas with the Atlanta Zoo’s panda webcam. This fun resource can be used to study animal behavior and biology.

Boston Children’s Museum Virtual Tour

The Boston Children’s Museum offers a click-through virtual tour that provides educational activities and exhibits perfect for younger students.

Buckingham Palace Video Tour

Take a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace and learn about British history and royalty. This tour can enrich lessons on European history and government.

buckingham palace

Canadian Farm and Food Tours

Discover where food comes from with Canadian Farm and Food Tours. This resource provides insights into farming practices and food production, making it perfect for geography and environmental science lessons.

Cincinnati Zoo Facebook Live Safaris

Join the Cincinnati Zoo’s Facebook Live tours to explore animal exhibits and learn about wildlife conservation.

Colonial Williamsburg Live Webcams

Watch live webcams from Colonial Williamsburg to get a glimpse of colonial life. This resource is great for history studies and understanding early American culture.

Denali National Park

Many of us would love to visit Alaska, but it’s a big trip! Take a look at Denali Park without leaving your home.

Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips

Discovery Education offers a wide range of virtual field trips covering topics from STEM to social studies. These trips come with companion guides and hands-on activities to enhance learning.

Dr. Kevin Folta Science & Agriculture

Dive into plant life, grafting, eggs, citrus disease, and crop domestication with virtual tours guided by Dr. Kevin Folta. These tours are great for hands-on science lessons and agricultural studies.

Easter Island Exploration

Learn about Easter Island with a virtual visit provided by PBS. This tour offers a fascinating look at the island’s history and culture, making it a great addition to social studies lessons.

Ellis Island Virtual Tour

Enhance your history curriculum with a virtual tour of Ellis Island. This tour can supplement unit studies on immigration and American history, providing a rich, contextual learning experience.

american landmarks ellis island

Free Metropolitan Operas

Introduce your students to the world of opera with free streaming from the Metropolitan Opera. These performances offer a unique cultural experience and can be integrated into music and performing arts studies.

Glacier National Park

Experience the beauty of Glacier National Park with a virtual tour. This tour can be used to supplement geography and environmental science lessons.

Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture provides virtual access to some of the world’s most renowned museums and cultural institutions. Students can tour the Louvre in Paris, the British Museum in London, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, among others. These tours are perfect for integrating art and social studies into your homeschool curriculum.

Grand Teton National Park

Experience the majestic Grand Teton National Park with a virtual tour. This tour is perfect for geography and environmental science lessons.

Great White Shark Dive

Take a thrilling virtual dive with Great White sharks. This experience offers an exciting way to study marine biology and oceanography.

Joshua Tree National Park

Discover the unique desert landscape of Joshua Tree National Park with a virtual tour. This tour is ideal for geography and environmental studies.

MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art)

Explore contemporary art through the MoMA virtual tours.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Webcams

Watch live webcams from the Monterey Bay Aquarium to learn about marine life and ecosystems. This resource is great for biology and environmental studies.

Mount Vernon Virtual Tour

Step back in time with a virtual tour of George Washington’s Mount Vernon. This historical site provides a deep dive into colonial America and the life of the first U.S. president, making it a valuable addition to social studies lessons.

NASA’s Langley Research Center

For budding astronomers and engineers, NASA’s virtual field trips offer a glimpse into space exploration and aeronautics. The Langley Research Center provides interactive tours that delve into the history of space travel, scientific research, and cutting-edge technology. This resource is excellent for supplementing science and technology lessons.

National Aquarium Virtual Tour

Explore the depths of the ocean with the National Aquarium’s virtual tour. This tour offers a fascinating look at marine life and ecosystems, perfect for supplementing science and biology studies.


National Park Virtual Tours

Explore America’s natural wonders with virtual tours of various national parks. Students can learn alongside park rangers and experience the breathtaking visuals of places like Yellowstone and Yosemite.

Redwood National Park

Experience the wonder of the giant redwoods with a virtual tour of Redwood National Park. This tour can be integrated into geography and environmental science lessons.

San Diego Zoo Live Webcams

Animal lovers will delight in the San Diego Zoo’s live cams and virtual tours. Students can observe animals in their habitats, learn about different species, and understand conservation efforts. These virtual visits can be integrated into biology and environmental science studies.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

The Smithsonian offers an extensive range of virtual tours that allow students to explore everything from dinosaur fossils to the intricacies of human evolution. Interactive exhibits and detailed descriptions make this an ideal resource for hands-on learning in subjects like science and history.

Smithsonian National Zoo

Take a virtual tour of the Smithsonian National Zoo to see live animal cams and learn about different species.

Kids feed elephant in zoo. Family at animal park.

The Empire State Building

Enjoy the view from the Empire State Building with a virtual tour. This experience can be integrated into geography and architectural studies.

86th Floor of Empire State Building

The Field Museum

The Field Museum in Chicago offers virtual tours that showcase its extensive collections, including anthropology, geology, and paleontology exhibits. These tours are ideal for science and history lessons.

The Great Wall of China

Through 360-degree tours and detailed historical information, students can virtually walk along the Great Wall of China. This virtual field trip offers an immersive way to learn about ancient civilizations, architecture, and geography, making it a valuable addition to history and social studies curricula.

Use our free Great Wall of China worksheet too!

The Louvre

Tour the Louvre in Paris with online virtual tours. This experience is excellent for art history and cultural studies.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met offers virtual tours that take students through its vast collection of art from around the world. These tours are excellent for enhancing art appreciation and cultural studies.

The Natural History Museum in London

Take a virtual tour of the Natural History Museum in London to explore fascinating exhibits on the natural world.

The National WWII Museum

Dive into the history of World War II with the National WWII Museum.

The Surface of Mars

Thanks to NASA, your students can explore the surface of Mars. This virtual tour is ideal for space enthusiasts and provides an engaging way to study astronomy and planetary science.

The Vatican Museums

Virtually explore the Vatican Museums, home to centuries of art and history.

The White House

The White House virtual tour offers an educational glimpse into the history, architecture, and workings of the U.S. presidency, making it an excellent supplement for social studies and civics lessons.

Use our free American landmarks worksheets too.

Van Gogh Museum

Immerse your students in the world of Vincent van Gogh with a virtual tour of the Van Gogh Museum. This tour can be the centerpiece of an art study unit, enriching your curriculum with insights into art history and techniques.

Virtual Microscope for Kids

Use a virtual microscope to explore microscopic cells and organisms. This tool is excellent for hands-on science learning and understanding biology.

Virtual Ocean Dives

Dive into the ocean with virtual tours that showcase marine life in its natural habitat. These immersive experiences are perfect for biology and environmental science lessons.

Wigmore Hall Performances

Watch past performances from London’s Wigmore Hall online. This resource is perfect for incorporating classical music into your homeschool program.

Yellowstone National Park

Explore the geysers and landscapes of Yellowstone National Park with a virtual field trip. This experience is perfect for geography and earth science studies.

Yosemite National Park

If you haven’t had the chance to visit Yosemite National Park, this is a wonderful introduction. The stunning landscapes and diverse ecosystems make it a perfect supplement to geography and natural science lessons.

Zion National Park

Explore the stunning rock formations of Zion National Park. This virtual tour can enrich your geography and natural science curriculum.

Making the Most of Virtual Field Trips

Set Clear Objectives

Maximize the educational value of virtual field trips by setting clear objectives. Identify what you want your students to learn from the trip and create pre-visit materials, such as worksheets or discussion questions, to guide their focus.

This preparation helps ensure that students remain engaged and attentive during the virtual tour.

Seamlessly Integrate with Lesson Plans

Align virtual field trips with your existing lesson plans to enhance understanding and retention. For instance, if you’re covering ancient Egypt, a virtual tour of the Pyramids of Giza can provide a vivid, contextual experience.

This integration reinforces learning and brings abstract concepts to life.

Foster Interactive Participation

Encourage active engagement during virtual tours by having students take notes, answer questions, or complete related projects afterward. Interactive participation deepens their understanding and helps them retain the material better.

Consider using interactive tools like virtual scavenger hunts to make the experience more engaging.

Leverage Supplemental Resources

Take advantage of the supplemental resources provided by many virtual field trip providers, such as lesson plans, quizzes, and interactive activities.

These materials can enhance the learning experience and provide additional context to the virtual visit, making it more comprehensive and educational.

Reflect and Discuss

Hold a reflection session after the virtual field trip to discuss what students learned, what they found interesting, and how it relates to their studies.

This discussion helps consolidate their knowledge, encourages critical thinking, and allows them to share their insights and perspectives.

Encourage Exploration and Curiosity

Promote a sense of curiosity by allowing students to explore related topics and ask questions.

Encourage them to conduct further research on subjects that interest them, fostering a love for lifelong learning and discovery.

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