Acrostic Poem Template (10 free printables)

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Have fun creating poetry with this free acrostic poem template.

Kids of all ages can use these free homeschool printables, that include a space for 3 letter words up to 12 letters.

Unlock the world of creative expression for your students with our free acrostic poem templates!

These templates cater to students of all ages, offering a structured yet playful approach to writing poems.

From three-letter words to longer, more elaborate expressions, these templates encourage students to explore language and dive into the art of storytelling.

So, whether you’re homeschooling or teaching in a classroom, these resources will inspire your students to craft beautiful verses and discover the joy of poetic creation.

free acrostic poem templates

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How to write an acrostic poem?

Writing an acrostic poem is a fun and creative way to express your thoughts or feelings about a particular word or topic. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to help you write your own acrostic poem:

  1. First, decide on the word or topic for your acrostic poem. It could be your name, a favorite animal, a season, or anything else that inspires you.
  2. Write the chosen word vertically down the left side of your paper, with each letter on a new line. This will be the starting point for each line of your poem.
  3. For each letter of your chosen word, brainstorm words or phrases that describe or relate to the topic. Think about the feelings, characteristics, or imagery associated with the word.
  4. Take the words or phrases from your brainstorming and use them to form sentences or phrases for each line of the poem. Each line should begin with the corresponding letter of the chosen word.
  5. Feel free to get creative with your poem! Use descriptive language, vivid imagery, and your own unique voice to make it special.
  6. Once you’ve written your acrostic poem, read it aloud and make any necessary revisions or edits to improve the flow and rhythm.
acrostic poem example

What are some examples of acrostic poems?

These acrostic poem examples are a great way to visualize how your students can use them. As you can see the first line of the poem begins with the first letter of the chosen word. 

For 1st Graders (3 letters- DOG):

Dashing and playful, you run,
Outdoors is where you have fun,
Good friend, wagging your tail.

For 3rd Graders (5 letters – SMILE):

Sunshine on your face, it’s true,
Making others happy too,
In your eyes, the joy is seen,
Laughter like a burst of green,
Every day, let your smile gleam!

acrostic poem smile

For 5th Graders (9 letters – FANTASTIC):

Full of wonders, dreams take flight,
Adventures woven day and night,
Nature’s beauty, a stunning sight,
Tales of magic and delight,
Awe-inspiring, like stars so bright,
Sparkling minds, creative might,
Twinkling dreams in our sight,
In this world, we find our light,
Cherished moments, pure and right.

For Middle School Grades (11 letters – IMAGINATION):

In a world of dreams, we fly,
Mystical places, we’ll explore the sky,
Adventures boundless, hearts are free,
Glimpses of magic for you and me,
In the realm of thoughts, we’ll roam,
Nature of creativity, we’ll call home,
A canvas of wonders, imagination we own,
Together we’ll dream, seeds of genius sown,
Inspired minds, in realms unknown,
On wings of fantasy, we’ve grown,
Never limited, we’ve always shown.

Best poetry books for children

The journey into acrostic poetry is just the beginning!

It opens the door to a vast array of poetic treasures found in books specially crafted for young minds.

Within these books, children can discover whimsical worlds, explore diverse emotions, and experience the magic of language through verse.

Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein. Is a whimsical and imaginative poetry collection that takes children on a delightful journey filled with laughter, creativity, and wonder. As they explore the boundaries of their imagination and the joy of childhood.

A Child’s Book of Poems is a captivating anthology that introduces young minds to the magic of words, emotions, and diverse experiences. Beautifully woven together through poetic verses, inspiring a love for language and storytelling.

A Child’s Introduction to Poetry invites children to discover the captivating world of poetry. Where words have the power to move mountains, change the course of history, and evoke laughter or tears. Opening their hearts and minds to the wonders of human expression and storytelling. This is the book we are using below.

acrostic poem with book

Additional acrostic poem templates

Have even more fun with acrostic poems during the holidays with these free printables:


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Download the free printable acrostic poem templates

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables for kids work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

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