Back to School Scattergories (4 Free Game Boards)

Get ready for an exciting and educational back-to-school season with our back to school scattergories printable!

This fun and engaging game is perfect for teachers and parents looking to add a creative twist to learning.

Scattergories is an excellent way to boost vocabulary, enhance critical thinking, and encourage quick decision-making among students.

The back-to-school theme makes it a perfect icebreaker activity for the beginning of the school year and is one of our favorite first day of school worksheets.

Four scattergories game boards with the titles "PLAY", "STAR", "READ", and "MATH". Each board has categories such as school subject, sports, classmate's name, and more, with a colorful crayon illustration.

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Have fun back to school

The back to school scattergories printable comprises 4 pages, each dedicated to a different letter of the alphabet. Here are the key features:

Letter Prompts: Each page has 4 letters (READ, PLAY, STAR, MATH), and players must come up with words starting with that letter for each given category.

Categories: The categories include school supplies, cafeteria food, names of books, classroom items, teacher’s names, school activities, colors, classmates’ names, sports, and school subjects.

Rules: The objective is to fill in the boxes with unique words. The player with the most unique answers that no one else has wins the round.

Categories in detail

School supplies

This category prompts players to think of items commonly found in a school setting, such as pencils, notebooks, and erasers. It helps children become familiar with the various tools they will use throughout the school year.

Cafeteria food

Players list different types of food typically found in a school cafeteria, which could include items like pizza, sandwiches, and salads. This category can introduce students to different dietary options and preferences.

back to school scattergories board with the letters READ

Names of books

This encourages players to recall and write down titles of books they have read or heard about. It can spark interest in reading and sharing book recommendations among classmates.

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Classroom items

In this category, students think of various items found in a classroom, such as desks, chairs, and whiteboards. It helps them become more aware of their learning environment.

Teacher’s names

Players write down names of teachers, which could include their current or past educators. This category can help build a sense of community and appreciation for their teachers.

School activities

This prompts players to think of various activities that take place in school, such as recess, assemblies, and field trips. It encourages students to reflect on the different experiences they have at school.


Students list colors, which can be a fun and easy category. It also helps younger children with color recognition and naming.

back to school scattergories board with the letters MATH

Classmates’ names

In this category, players write down names of their classmates. This can be an excellent icebreaker activity to help students learn and remember each other’s names.


Students think of sports activities that are often part of school programs, such as soccer, basketball, and track. It promotes awareness of physical education and extracurricular activities.

School subjects

This category involves listing different subjects taught in school, such as math, science, and history. It can help students identify their favorite subjects and those they might want to explore further.

Educational benefits

One of the primary benefits of Scattergories is vocabulary expansion. Children are encouraged to think of and use a wide range of words related to school. This not only helps in learning new words but also reinforces their spelling and usage.

Coming up with unique answers requires creative thinking. Players must think outside the box to ensure their answers are different from others. This promotes ingenuity and flexibility in thinking, which are valuable skills both in and out of the classroom.

Scattergories is a game best played in groups, fostering social interaction among peers. It encourages communication, teamwork, and healthy competition. These social skills are crucial for personal development and creating a positive classroom environment.

The categories chosen for this game, such as school subjects and activities, help reinforce what children are learning in school. By associating fun with their studies, children can improve their recall and retention of information.

back to school scattergories board with the letters PLAY

Using scattergories in the classroom

At the beginning of the school year, Scattergories can serve as an excellent icebreaker. It helps students get to know each other and creates a fun and welcoming atmosphere in the classroom.

Teachers can use Scattergories as part of their vocabulary lessons. By selecting specific letters and categories, they can tailor the game to match their current curriculum, making learning more relevant and contextual.

Divide the class into small groups and have them play Scattergories together. This encourages collaboration and allows students to learn from each other. It also helps in building teamwork skills and collective problem-solving abilities.

Using scattergories at home

Scattergories can be a fun addition to family game nights. It provides a great opportunity for parents to engage with their children in an educational activity. It also helps children see learning as a fun and integral part of everyday life.

Parents can use Scattergories to supplement their child’s homework. By focusing on categories related to their schoolwork, it can help reinforce what they are learning in a more relaxed and enjoyable setting.

back to school scattergories board with the letters STAR

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