2021 Book Bingo – Summer Reading Challenge For Kids Ages 9 +

25 June 2021 No Comments
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We love reading in this house, and in fact, Freddie has enjoyed books long before he could read. Yes I know we are blessed. But I am still always on the lookout for fun ways to encourage reading, and for the summer months, I have created this book bingo. We actually play it all the time and there is a printout of it in his bedroom. As soon as he gets “bingo” he gets a prize. But I will explain more about that later.

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Book Bingo game perfect for getting the kids reading more!

Book Bingo Prizes!

We just love to make a challenge out of things, so this game is a perfect time to get even more books! There are a number of ways to win:

5 in a row – Of course the traditional BINGO – if he gets 5 in a row he gets to chose a book to buy from Amazon.

All the books round the edge of the board – He gets to buy a book of his choosing, plus $10 Amazon voucher to spend on what he wants!

All of the books! – This will take some time, but when he has read all of the books on the book bingo, the prize is a book of his choosing, plus a $25 Amazon gift voucher!

Being a homeschool mom, any excuse to buy more books is a bonus, especially if they are books he actually wants to read!

Scroll down further to download your FREE printable!

Book Bingo Book Suggestions

If you are struggling to know what books to get I have given some ideas for Book Bingo, however, the library will definitely be able to help you too. If you are still looking for more books check out our favorite 100 books for kids over the age of 9.

Read a book:

That has been turned into a movie

With an animal on the cover

About a historical event

With a number in the title

Joke book

Prize winning book


Set in the future

Summer reading challenge with this book bingo free game

Written by an author who is famous for something else

Kids self help books

If you are looking for kids philosophy books check out my latest blog post

Set in another country

Books about a President

Books to do with sports

Kids Books with only 1 word in the title

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