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The Best Usborne Books We Use To Homeschool

The best Usborne books for homeschool
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Usborne books are our absolute favourite educational books. They are written in a way that Freddie can understand, they are colourful, and even more than that they are informative. This list includes the absolute best Usborne books which we use all the time in our homeschool.

We have been reading Usborne books for years since Freddie was a baby. We absolutely love books and Freddie has always enjoyed reading.

Our favourites from when he was a baby were the That’s Not My board books.

But did you know they also did educational books for children?

Well I didn’t!

The BEST Usborne books that are perfect for homeschooling #kidsbooks #educationalbooks #usbornebooks #homeschool

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As we now homeschool Freddie we are always looking at new educational books for him to learn from. Those are both easy to read and enjoyable for him. He is only 8 years old, he does read incredibly well, but he still definitely prefers pictures on at least some of the pages!

Check out some of the best Usborne books that are absolutely excellent for home learning, whether that be homeschooling or just learning at home after school.

The Best Usborne Books

A Short History of the World

Out of the 5 books we were sent this was the first one Freddie chose to read. He has shown such an interest in history since he has been homeschooled, and loves learning about the different eras. He has studied the Tudors and Ancient Greeks in great depth but is absolutely fascinated by it.

This book starts at the Ancient World from the Ice Age, then to the Medieval World from the 450’s, next to the Early Modern World from the 1450’s and then straight up to the Modern World from the 1750’s.

The illustrations in this book are fantastic, and it is full of awesome information. Get your copy here.

A short history of the world

Politics for Beginners

Now I already know how great this book is as we already have it. So if you scroll further down the page there is a competition to win a copy of it.

It talks about the very basics of politics and shows how politics is everywhere in our lives. Grab it here.

It is written in very small chunks that are easy to digest. Freddie is 8 years old and has already learned a lot from it, and it definitely sparks debate! Which is great. If you are looking for a homeschool civics curriculum check out our latest post.

Politics for Beginners - Usborne Homeschool Books

 100 Things to Know About Space

We flicked through this book together, but it was so engaging and interesting we spent about an hour.

“Freddie did you know a space toilet costs £12 million”

“Did you know to be an astronaut you have to be able to swim, be trained in wilderness survival, be able to read and speak Russian, have a maths or science degree, be able to fly a jet plane, and be between 157 – 190.5cm tall”

It is a great book, again not with huge texts of writing so it is very easy to read and absorb. Get your copy here.

100 Things to Know about space educational books

 Lift the Flap Engineering

Another great book. Freddie’s dad is an engineer by trade and therefore this was really interesting for him to read. At first glance, I thought as it was a lift the flap book it might be too young. But I was wrong.

It is full of really interesting things that will certainly spark an interest in engineering.

We travel a lot as a family and the flying high page which talks about Balancing Forces, and Lift, Thrust and Drag were really interesting for Freddie. Get it here.

Lift the Flap Engineering Book - Usborne Homeschool Educational Books

 Looking After your Mental Health

This is such a popular topic at the minute and certainly wasn’t found in many children’s books when I was younger. Freddie hasn’t read this yet, however, I have, albeit skim-read it.

It looks like a great book, however, personally the target reader I would put at least 12 years old. It talks about puberty, sex, relationships, phones and social media. There are other areas of the book that are definitely relevant for an 8 year old though.

This will definitely be placed on our bookshelf for when he is a little older as I think it is such an important topic. To get yours follow this link.

Looking after your mental health book

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