Bring History To Life With This History Timeline For Kids

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We absolutely love history in our homeschool. But bringing it to life can be hard. This history timeline for kids has been the one thing previously missing in our history studies.

It is hard for kids to understand the concept of time, and in our house, it is still pretty much based on days to Christmas! But with printable history timelines, we could easily show (and understand a little more) where historical figures sat in the timeline.

This printable history timeline contains 1,444 timeline figures spanning from ancient to modern history.

Add it to your best homeschool history curriculum today.

history timeline figures

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Homeschool in the Woods Timeline

Connecting people in time is often overlooked when studying history. We tend to focus solely on the events being studied as opposed to looking around to see what else was happening at the time.

A great example for us would be the date 1610AD.

The reason I picked this one, in particular, is that we have studied both William Shakespeare (see introducing Shakespeare) and Guy Fawkes (check out our educational bonfire night activities) in detail.

But I never told him that they were alive at the same time. To be honest I hadn’t put the connection together either.

This is a great example of why a history timeline for kids has to be used when studying history.

Homeschooling in the Woods is the best timeline we have found.

History timeline for kids 1610AD

How could we never have put those two iconic historical figures together?

This led to a really detailed conversation between the two of us about whether Shakespeare and Guy Fawkes were friends.

Well, I am not sure about friends but their fathers certainly knew each other. This was totally fascinating for us and we got lost in this for a full day.

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Printable History Timeline

The printable essential timeline library is something you can use in your homeschool for years.

To be honest, I wish I had found this earlier, but we are more than happy to be going back and making the connections that we had never made before.

I recommend printing out the timeline first and then adding the figures as you go.

homeschooling in the woods review

There are so many figures and luckily they have added very detailed instructions on placement. But please remember to unzip the files!!

I am saying this from experience as I very nearly emailed customer service to say I didn’t have them all! I did, they were just still zipped.

The figures have not been added in date order, so for example for the 1610 AD above the figures were from about 8 different pages.

This makes it quite difficult to search for everything, so I recommend printing out the suggested placement guide too.

Using a Printable Timeline with History Curriculum

We love this printable essential timeline library, and it fits in really well with every single history curriculum we have previously used.

History Odyssey is the curriculum we used for the Middle Ages and this is a wonderful addition to this. I didn’t even realize this was missing until we started using this.

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This printable history timeline for kids is the best thing I didn’t know was missing from our homeschool.

history timelines from Homeschooling in the woods

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