15 of the Funniest Homeschool Memes For Homeschool Moms

30 June 2021 No Comments
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I just love memes, actually, who am I kidding. I only realized what a meme was when my 11 year old told me about 6 months ago, and told me how ancient I was! Homeschooling is hard, so what better way to brighten up your day with a funny homeschool meme!

So after being schooled by my son, I thought I would show him!!

I created these homeschool memes to try and be cool [at 43 that’s not too easy!!], but I hope you find them as funny as we did! In fact, numbers 14 and 15 Freddie actually created. As you can probably tell we homeschool over the summer!!!

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Homeschool Meme

Moms on the phone……. it must be recess!

Me when other moms are taking their kids to school #homeschoolmom


Homeschooling Moms. Expectation. Reality

Homeschool Mom Meme

When someone tells me I have too many books

HOmeschooling Funny Meme

When you homeschool and realize the schools are out for summer

Homeschool Meme

I got this! Alexa homeschool the kids!

Homeschool Mom Memes

What if I told you, the homeschoolers didn’t socialize yesterday…. like at all

Funny Homeschool Memes

My kids new teacher is so awesome. I should really get her something nice!

Homeschooling Mom Memes

When someone asks what homeschool method you use? Not drinking before 5pm method….

Homeshooling Funny Memes

To, Public School Moms, we can’t wait until your kids are back in school either. Signed Homeschool Kids

Homeschooling Memes

How you think homeschool will go. How it really goes

Homeschool Funny Meme

Homeschool Question #3 – What grade are you in? All of them, hmm, none of them…. it’s complicated..

Homeschool Quotes

Back to school shopping. New Pajamas #homeschoolmom

Homeschool Memes

When you wake up on Monday. You realize it’s summer vacation. Then you remember you are homeschooling and don’t have the summer off!

Homeschool Meme

You want summer vacation? Too bad, you live at school.

Homeschooling Meme

Now back to homeschool!! I hope you enjoy these funny homeschool memes and they have brightened up your day.

Funny Homeschool Memes for homeschool moms who need a break
The funniest homeschooling memes

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I am Clare, a homeschooling mom from the UK but now homeschooling in Florida with my 11 year old son.

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