35 Best Back to School Gifts for Homeschoolers

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As we approach our first day back to homeschool, it got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be nice to get back to school gifts for homeschoolers?

My son doesn’t get to go back to school shopping, so no new backpack, no new clothes, so I thought this year as he has a lot of public school friends I would make it more special.

Although we homeschool year-round, on the day the public schools go back, we have our little back to homeschool celebration.

We play games, mad libs, and just generally have fun. Check out my recent post for free printables and the first day of homeschool activities, and download our free all about me worksheet.

If you want to mark the occasion further with a photo print out our free first day of school printable signs. They are in a superhero theme, comic style.

This post is just for homeschool kids, if you are wanting to treat a homeschool mom, check out our homeschool mom gifts (the best gift is completely free!!)

Over 30 of the best gifts for homeschoolers that are under $20

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Gifts for Homeschoolers

Why not play our homeschool scavenger hunt perfect for back to school fun, and give them their homeschool gift when they have found everything?

I have broken these 30 homeschool gifts into sections for easy reading:

  • Fidget gifts
  • Stationary /educational gifts
  • Homeschool activity books
  • Electronic gifts
  • Games
  • Other homeschool gifts

Fidget Gifts

I just love fidget gifts, they are absolutely great for ADHD, and in fact for anyone who has difficulty concentrating.

For even more ideas check out our top 11 sensory toys for ADHD.

Fidget Gifts

Homeschool supplies

kids stationary

I don’t know about you, but we already have LOADS of stationary, in fact, enough for a lifetime. However, that being said, he just loves it!! The more the better.

These are our favorite stationary / educational gifts all under $20.

Homeschool Activity Books

Kids activity books

I have only included activity books or comic style books, as we are always buying reading books. So these are great for a 5-minute breather in between classes.

Homeschool Gift – Electronic

My son is a gamer, he just loves all things electronic.

He got the color-changing mouse and mouse pad for Christmas this year, and they were a HUGE HIT.

They were also cheaper than I was expecting at less than $20, so I think these would make a great back to homeschool gift if you don’t already have them.

Over 30 of the best homeschool gift ideas for back to school

Homeschool Games

We absolutely love games, but I have only included a handful here all under the price of $20.

If you were interested in gameschooling check out our huge list of educational board games that we love.

First Day of Homeschool Gifts

These homeschool gifts didn’t really fit in any other category, but I didn’t want to exclude them as they’re awesome.

Let me know what other homeschool gift ideas you have in the comments below.

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