13 Best 7th Grade Homeschool Curriculum By Subject

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As we are finishing 6th grade I wanted to share with you our 7th grade homeschool curriculum plans.

We have found so many best homeschooling resources recently that what I expected we would do has changed somewhat. But I am super happy about the choices we have made, and more importantly, my son is too.

Our homeschool evaluation runs from April. So we don’t focus too much on what grade level we are working on. But I always make sure he is at least where public schools would be. If he were in public school he would be starting 7th grade in August.

7th grade homeschool curriculum

Finding the best 6th grade homeschool curriculum saw many changes! And that’s ok! We were trying to find our feet with middle school grades.

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What does our Seventh Grade look like?

This is a big list of subjects I am going to break our choices into the core subjects first. Then I will share with you the electives we are taking.

Before I get into the best middle school homeschool curriculum I wanted to share with you what hours we do.

This is the question I get asked the most “what does your homeschool day look like?” So I have shared it below.

Also, I wanted to share that we live in Florida, where we have NO MANDATED SUBJECTS.

Please check if you have to do certain subjects in your homeschool, see below for where to find out.

Homeschool Hours for 7th Grade

We generally homeschool year-round and take breaks when needed. We are having a 2-week break in May and will have a few days here and there. But then have a big break from Thanksgiving right through until Jan 3rd. Christmas is our favorite time of year, and we just have fun.

Our homeschool day will still look like grade 6. I had originally thought we would start at 8.30 am and finish at 4 pm. But that has turned into 9 am – 4 pm which has been working well for the last few months.

Now please don’t think he is studying at his desk for that amount of time!

We will have a walk around the neighborhood, about 30 minutes before lunch. He has an hour for lunch, where he either swims, builds challenging Lego sets, builds a puzzle, or chills watching TV. Then we have another walk at about 2 pm.

Homeschool Curriculum 7th Grade

State Mandated Subjects?

We live in Florida so there are no mandated subjects. But we do check to see what they are doing each year to check!

Please check HSLDA for yourself and check that there is nothing you MUST teach.

We don’t use it, but there is Florida Virtual School which is used by a lot of homeschoolers. It’s free if you live in State, but this is where I check what they do in grade 7.

So this is what the 7th grade homeschool schedule in Florida according to Florida Virtual School:

  • M/J Language Arts 2 – Grade 7
  • M/J Grade 7 Mathematics
  • Up to 4 electives
  • M/J Comprehensive Science 2 – Grade 7

This is one of our main reasons for homeschooling, as that schedule is too easy for him. It certainly wouldn’t keep his mind active.

He has ADHD and if he doesn’t have things structured and engaging he just won’t work, like, at all.

Homeschooling a child with ADHD can be challenging, but we absolutely love it, check out our top tips.

Check out the best seventh grade school supplies.

Math Curriculum

We have decided to jump straight into the best homeschool algebra curriculum. We have completed Beast Academy level 5, and algebra was his easiest subject.

I would not normally recommend skipping pre-algebra, but, I am confident he is ready.

This will be for high school credit, and we are using Teaching Textbooks. Check out our detailed Teaching Textbooks review or check them out here for a free trial.

Teaching Textbooks is featured in our best homeschool curriculum for high school.

English Language Arts Curriculum

We have only recently started with the best homeschool literature curriculum from Common Sense Press.

The one we are currently using is the Tan book which is aimed at 6th grade (I don’t know why I didn’t order 7th grade, but hey!)

As we both love it so much we are going to continue with it.

english language arts

ELA isn’t his strongest subject. Actually, that is not true. He has just done map testing for homeschoolers in language arts and this was his highest score. But, it is the one he has to try harder to achieve.

Reading is a huge part of his studies as he LOVES to read. So with ELA and history alone, he will end up reading at least 20 books this year, and his books for fun will be at least 12.

That is not including all of the comics he has started getting or the Shakespeare he is reading.

When he has completed every reading book he will fill out this middle school book report template. If it is a book and a movie he will then use a compare and contrast movie and book template to write about the differences.

We have put together a free periods in English literature literary timeline to add to our language curriculum.

It is so interesting to look back over the greats, including our favorite Shakespeare! Check out below how we introduce Shakespeare in our homeschool. (It’s one of our favorite subjects!)

We have put together some fun (and free) writing prompts too that we use around the holidays:

7th Grade Curriculum History

We have just purchased Middle Ages History Odyssey from Pandia Press and we will continue with this for 7th grade. We are both enjoying it at the minute, check out our history odyssey review here.

The main book you will not be able to do without is the Kingfisher History Encyclopedia. But there are lots of other books recommended to use with this curriculum.

history odyssey - Homeschool Curriculum 7th Grade
history encylopedia

For other best homeschool history curriculum ideas check out our other favorites.

7th Grade Science Curriculum

Science is my least favorite subject to teach, Freddie started going to a local science club once a week! They do labs and really fun experiments, and it’s perfect for him.

Other than that he is reading and doing the questions in the everything you need to ace science book, and watching Crash Course on YouTube.

everything you need to ace science  - Homeschool Curriculum 7th Grade

We started with Real Science Odyssey last year, but it didn’t work out. But I am going to give it another go this year and see what we think. We enjoyed it to start with, but there were too many labs for my liking (which I know should be a benefit!) You can check out our Real Science Odyssey review though to see if it works for you.

For other best homeschool science curriculum resources check out this huge list.

Foreign Language

We took Mr D ASL as a high school credit in grade 6.

We had planned to take ASL 2 with Mr. D Math, as it would give him his 2-year continuous foreign language credit. But, we have pivoted and started to learn Japanese!

See what the best Japanese homeschool curriculum is.

For other homeschool foreign language curriculum resources check out our favorites.


In grade 6 we took homeschool economics curriculum and he loved it so much. In grade 7 he will take economics for high school with Mr. D Math for another high school credit.


We are continuing with Shakespeare again this year, after enjoying it so much in grade 6.

Check out our top tips on introducing Shakespeare. But it all started with this 10 week Shakespeare course and we haven’t stopped!

As this will be his second full year of studying Shakespeare at the end of grade 7 I will award him a high school credit for this. Either in Fine Arts or English.

He also read Shakespeare books for kids these are his top 10 favorites in reverse order. Number 10 is his favorite book of the year.

Check out our favorite free homeschool curriculum too!


We will be continuing with Principles and Precepts of Government. Another course we have recently stumbled upon that we are really enjoying.

We are already a third of the way through and it is already one of my son’s favorite subjects!

Check out this homeschool government curriculum, but we love it. This will be 0.5 high school credit.

government PAC

Keyboarding / Typing

We have recently started typing with Typesy, and he loves it. So we will definitely continue with this.

We dedicate 15 minutes a day to this which works out well. Check out our detailed homeschool typing curriculum review from Typesy.


We have started taking music lessons more seriously with in-person piano lessons and practicing at least 15 minutes per day. If you are wanting online piano lessons for kids these are the best.

I don’t think I will give this as a high school credit this year. But if we have time to start looking at composers and it is more structured this will be a high school credit too. We have recently started a unit study on composers, which you can download, or try our 6 free composers worksheets.

My thought now is that the high school credit will be achieved next year and not this one.

For more formal homeschool music curriculum choices check out these that we might start with later in the year.


We are going to continue with CodaKid. We have stopped for a while as he has so much going on. But we will start this again after our vacation in May.

Carry on to see why coding for homeschoolers is important.

Physical Education

He plays basketball at least 3 times a week with his friends. In the hotter months, he swims most days, and we have at least 3 walks a day.

He has also taken it upon himself to do 100 sit-ups a day! Check out some PE ideas for homeschool.


We will continue to learn more about the States of America, mainly as I keep forgetting them!

We have only been here for 4 years, and we haven’t traveled around yet. But we won’t be doing anything formal with geography, other than this.

Check out our top 20 geography books for kids that we enjoy reading.

Check out fun ways to learn the 50 States.

If you are thinking of studying geography check out our favorite homeschool geography curriculum resources.

We have started using our free American landmarks worksheets to learn more about the States.

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