Heron Books Review: Young Scientist Series

Find out in our Heron Books review how we enjoyed their young scientist series unit study.

We all have a subject we don’t enjoy teaching, and I don’t hide the fact that science is that subject! However, this year as my son keeps debating about whether to train as a doctor I thought we would focus on a homeschool biology curriculum this year.

We have used Heron books before and enjoyed their self-paced independent style, so I thought this would be a great place to start. Carry on reading for my Heron books review of their young scientist series.

If you dislike teaching homeschool science these Heron Books are the ones you need. There is literally no set-up, no preparation. Just give the kids the books and leave them to it.

My son works opposite me on the kitchen table most days. He has a very loose plan, certainly in the summer months when his public school friends are on break.

But at the very least he has to study math, English, science, history, government, and an elective of his choosing. He can do them in any order and I have noticed that he chooses his favorites to study first.

Science was always the one he left until the end of the day, hoping I will allow him to cut it short! But, this science Heron book was studied first nearly every time.

It took him about 2 weeks of an hour a day to complete this anatomy unit study, and he really enjoyed it.

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heron books review the fabulous human body

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Science Unit Study from Heron Books

There are currently 5 books in the young scientist series with 2 more to follow:

  • The fabulous human body (carry on reading for our review)
  • Light bulbs, switches, and batteries
  • World of plants
  • Take a look closer
  • Circulation of the blood
  • Let’s find it (pre-release)
  • World of electricity (pre-release)

They are all aimed at students aged 9-12 (grades 4-6). Each course will take approximately 15 hours. So it is a perfect course to start in the summer.

What is great is you can try sample lessons absolutely free to see if it is a great fit for your family.

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The Fabulous Human Body

We are doing the anatomy for young scientists as that is what we are focussing on this year.

heron books review

What you will receive:

  • Student learning guide
  • The fabulous human body book
  • Young scientist journal
  • 39 cards showing illustrations of the parts of the body on the front, and the name and function of the part along with what system it is part of on the back.
  • End of unit exam (with answers in the teacher resources)
  • Certificate of achievement
heron books review

The Fabulous Human Body book is split into 13 chapters:

  1. Your fabulous machine
  2. Trillions of living things
    • The smallest part
    • Cells are alive
    • Cells get rid of waste
    • Little machine, big machine
    • Building blocks of life
  3. Cells make tissues
  4. Tissues make organs (you will also enjoy our human body organs worksheet)
  5. Organs make systems
  6. Stand up
    • Skeleton
    • Joints
    • Skull and teeth
    • Spine and ribs
  7. Move!
    • Muscles
    • How muscles work
    • Connecting to bones
  8. Thump thump!
  9. Breathe!
  10. Hungry?
  11. Thirsty?
  12. Moving messages
  13. A Truly amazing machine

Check out the entire Young Scientist Series Package here, but remember to use our exclusive 30% coupon code HomeSchool30.

heron books review

Heron Books Review

This is the second Heron book unit study we have completed, and I have to say I am impressed.

  1. There is zero preparation. Sometimes it is nice for the kids to just pick up a book and not need 7 million items to complete it!
  2. It is self-paced. As we have been doing The Fabulous Human Body study in the summer months, most of his friends are in public school and are on break. If he wants to go and play he can.
  3. It is independent learning. We have started doing independent learning much more in the last year, and it is working so well for both of us. He can pick up the books, and go straight to the student learning guide and know what he has to do.
  4. There is a small end-of-unit exam, so I can check to see what he has retained and then award him with the certificate of completion. We keep this in the homeschool portfolio, and he loves them!
  5. It’s reasonably priced. Especially with our exclusive 30% coupon code (HomeSchool30)
heron books review

Student Heron Books Review

Ok, so from a mom’s point of view you will love it. However, and arguably more importantly let’s see what my son thought:

  1. I have been studying anatomy for a couple of months with different programs and I still learned a lot of new facts. For example, my favorite fact was that the human body has about 210 bones, but a cat has 230. How is that even possible?
  2. I like that I can study on my own, without my mom having to help. It is really easy to know what needs to be done from the student learning guide. It tells me what chapter to read, and then gives me activities to do. I have started working out more, and it was great to know what all the muscles in my arms are called.
  3. I really enjoyed the anatomy cards, as I would test myself to see how many I knew. When I was sure I could do it and I had them all memorized, I asked my mom to test me. She was so impressed, I got an extra hour to play video games that week!

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