If I Were An Elf Worksheet (free printable)

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Let’s have some Christmas fun this December with this free if I were an elf worksheet.

Spark imagination and festive cheer with the If I Were an Elf writing printable. These are fantastic Elf on the Shelf activities for school that the kids are going to love.

Encourage young minds to explore their creativity by imagining themselves as helpful and mischievous elves. And let their words bring the holiday magic to life on paper.

You don’t need to have the elf on the shelf come to visit to enjoy this no-preparation download with the kids.

if i were an elf writing template

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Fun elf writing activity

This is a great free printable writing prompt for kids in elementary grades, and when they have finished writing they can color in the elves and the Christmas lights.

Put away the core curriculum and have fun with educational Christmas activities such as this.

Sometimes it is hard to get the kids to actually want to write. But with this fun elf writing worksheet, they will be asking for more.

It is also a great last minute activity for both school and homeschool, as there is no preparation required for this.

How to use the free elf on the shelf writing prompt

Fill out the form at the bottom of the post to get the free if I were an elf printable.

There is 1 page to print and it will print out in portrait. Make sure to check the printer settings.

if i were an elf writing

Give the children the worksheet along with a pencil and some coloring pens, or crayons.

Another fun activity to do with the kids is to play Christmas mad libs.

If I were an elf ….

  • My name would be
  • My elf job would be
  • I would help Santa with
  • My favorite food would be
  • My favorite part about being an elf would be

This would be a great writing activity to do after watching the movie Elf, reading Christmas elf books or at any time in December.

Have fun with Elf on the Shelf mad libs too!

Other free Christmas language arts fun

Here are some delightful and engaging Christmas activities for kids that are perfect for children during the holiday season:

  1. Challenge young learners with a festive free printable Elf on the Shelf word search featuring fun elf names. This activity not only helps kids improve their vocabulary but also enhances their attention to detail as they search for hidden words.
  2. Elf word scramble printable: Let the children have fun unscrambling jumbled letters to reveal the secret words related to Santa’s little helpers. This game promotes critical thinking skills while maintaining the Christmas spirit.
  3. Spark your students’ creativity with a range of Christmas writing prompt printables. These thought-provoking ideas encourage kids to express their imagination, whether they’re crafting a story about a magical Christmas adventure or penning a letter to Santa Claus.
  4. Christmas alphabet worksheets: Engage children in learning the alphabet while celebrating the season. Create activities that involve identifying and matching Christmas-related words to their corresponding letters, reinforcing their knowledge of the alphabet.
  5. Treat kids to a Christmas word search printable puzzle filled with holiday themed words and phrases. This hands on activity can be a great addition to classroom parties or at holiday gatherings, promoting vocabulary development and problem solving skills.
  6. The kids will love out free Christmas word scramble printable which is another way to enhance their spelling and word recognition skills while having a jolly good time.
  7. If I were a reindeer worksheet: Encourage imagination and storytelling with a creative writing worksheet where children can explore the idea of being one of Santa’s reindeer. This exercise fosters narrative skills and allows kids to step into the magical world of Santa’s sleigh team.
elf on the shelf activities bundle


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Download the free if I were an Elf free printable

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