25 Terrific Letter T Activities for Preschoolers

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Letter t activities for preschoolers are a great way to get little ones excited about learning the letters of the alphabet.

These fun activities range from arts and crafts, where kids can create fun projects like tree handprints, to interactive games, that help them recognize and pronounce the letter T.

Singing songs and reading stories filled with T-words make the learning experience more engaging and memorable.

Plus there are lots of free printable alphabet preschool worksheets included. It’s all about making education fun and accessible at this age.

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How to teach the letter T to preschoolers

To effectively teach preschoolers the letter T, consider these steps:

  1. Start by showing the letter T on flashcards or in books. Discuss its sound and show images of objects that begin with T, like ‘turtle’ or ‘train’.
  2. Select books with a focus on the letter T. Where either the story revolves around a T-word or the main character’s name starts with T.
  3. Engage in terrific letter t crafts, such as creating a tree or train using construction paper, where the shape of the letter T is emphasized.
  4. Incorporate fun songs or nursery rhymes that have repetitive use of the T sound. This auditory element helps reinforce the letter’s pronunciation.
  5. Utilize tracing worksheets to practice writing the letter T. Include both upper case and lower case letters, and consider adding coloring sheets with objects that start with T.
  6. Play games focused on letter recognition. This could be a scavenger hunt for items starting with T or a simple matching game with T words and pictures.
  7. Reinforce the lesson with snacks that start with T, like toast or tangerines. Discuss the snack name with the children to make the connection clear.

By combining visual, auditory, and hands-on letter activities, you can create an engaging and multi-sensory learning experience for preschoolers to learn about the letter T.

Best books that begin with the letter T

Adding a book beginning with letter T book to a learning curriculum is a great idea as it provides a focused and engaging way for children to recognize and associate the letter ‘T’ with words and objects. Enhancing their understanding and memory through thematic learning.

Time for School Little Blue Truck is a charming children’s book that combines engaging storytelling with vibrant illustrations. It’s part of the beloved “Little Blue Truck” series, known for its themes of friendship, cooperation, and kindness. This book specifically focuses on the excitement and nerves associated with going to school. Making it a perfect read for young children experiencing similar feelings.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea is a classic children’s picture book that has delighted generations with its fun story and captivating illustrations. It tells the tale of a young girl, Sophie, and her unexpected tea-time guest, a courteous and hungry tiger.

Do Turtles Like Ice Cream? an amusing and educational children’s book that blends fun facts with a cool story. The book explores the eating habits of various animals, using a humorous question to capture the reader’s interest.

Letter T coloring pages for kids

Children can enhance their recognition of the letter T with a free letter t coloring page, blending learning with a fun coloring activity.

coloring page letter t
Alphabet bundle


A sea turtle life cycle coloring page provides an educational and artistic way for children to learn about the developmental stages of sea turtles.

life cycle of a turtle coloring sheet

With the color by number turkey free printable, children can enjoy a Thanksgiving-themed activity that also helps them practice their color and number recognition.

A Christmas tree life cycle coloring page helps children understand the growth process of a Christmas tree through a fun, artistic activity.

The my family tree coloring page is a perfect way for children to explore their family history and relationships through coloring.

family tree worksheet for kindergarten

Letter T handprint crafts

The letter t handprint craft allows kids to create the letter T using their handprints, merging art with alphabet learning. This handprint activity is not only a fun letter alphabet craft but also a great way to enhance fine motor skills.

t is for tree

Using a handprint Christmas tree template, kids can create a unique Christmas tree craft with their handprints. Making a memorable holiday craft.

Letter T worksheets for preschoolers

Preschoolers can engage in learning about these fascinating creatures through turtle worksheets for preschoolers. Which combine early math and early literacy. There is a letter maze page, a counting page, a trace page, find the upper and lowercase letters, among other fun ideas.


The parts of a sea turtle worksheet offers a detailed look into the anatomy of a sea turtle. Making biology learning more accessible and fun for kids.

Kids can learn about the anatomy of a turkey in a fun way with the parts of a turkey worksheet. Combining science learning with a Thanksgiving theme.


The parts of a Christmas tree worksheet teaches children about the different components of a Christmas tree, enriching their botanical knowledge.

Letter T games for kids

The turkey scavenger hunt printable adds an adventurous twist to learning. Encouraging kids to explore and find items related to turkeys.

turkey scavenger hunt printable

Playing with free turkey bingo cards offers a fun and interactive way for kids to learn about turkeys while developing pattern recognition.

turkey bingo cards

A tree scavenger hunt worksheet provides an exciting outdoor learning experience. Where children can discover various types of trees and their features.

tree scavenger hunt worksheet

Engage kids in learning different modes of transportation with a transport bingo free printable, combining fun with educational value.

free transport matching game printable

Additional fun letter T crafts and activities

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