Funniest Halloween Mad Libs (Free Printable)

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Are you wanting to do something fun, but educational this holiday? If so check out our free printable Halloween mad libs.

What I love about mad libs is, not only are they educational, they can be absolutely hilarious. Especially in our house, we always end up with bathroom humor! Yes I know, very childish, but we laugh so hard. It is totally worth it.

We can spend hours playing with mad libs, and I love the fact, he is learning, without knowing it! I will do anything to encourage his creativity and understanding of parts of speech.

2 free halloween mad libs printables

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Halloween Mad Libs

Mad Libs for Halloween


Download the free Halloween mad libs printable below (if it is not in your inbox within 5 minutes, please check your spam folder.)

You can either give the mad libs straight to the children, or ask them to write down a handful of spooky adjectives and nouns before.

A few Halloween adjectives that they might want to consider: explode, weird, haunting, spooky, eerie, awesome, silly, quickly, slowly, excited, fang-tastic, fear-inspiring,

mad libs for halloween
halloween mad libs

These mad libs can be used in school, library, or even at home, please feel free to print out as many as you need. This can be done at any time, and in fact, we always print them out and give them to the trick or treaters along with their candy. It is such a personal touch, and trust me the parents love it too!!

As we homeschool we tend to have a “play day” on Halloween, and we play mad libs, do a Halloween word search, Halloween word scramble, bake scary-looking cakes, and just generally have fun. So I hope you enjoy these free printables and have lots of fun too.

If you prefer to buy a book of mad libs for Halloween check out these suggestions, they would make a perfect Halloween treat.

Halloween Mad Libs Junior

Spooky Mad Libs

Trick or Treat Mad Libs

Printable Halloween Mad Libs

Download Mad Libs for Halloween Printable

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

We have lots of other FREE Halloween printables on this blog, our favorites are:

We hope you enjoy our free printable, let me know in the comments what your kids came up with!!

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