23 Homeschool Halloween Activities That Are Educational and Fun!

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Despite my lack of interest in Halloween, my son LOVES it, and apart from Christmas, it is his favorite holiday. So this year I thought I would try and embrace it too, and try and get together as many homeschool Halloween activities as I could find.

These fun Halloween activities are a great way to encourage the kids to learn about the spooky holiday!

This is one of my favorite things about homeschooling, being able to enjoy the holidays and actually learn all about them while having fun, of course!

Halloween evolved from the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain. Which would now be in Ireland, UK. I have to say I always thought Halloween originated in America.

Over the years, Halloween transitioned from a pagan ritual to a day of fun with costumes, jack-o-lanterns, and trick-or-treating.

homeschool halloween activities

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Halloween Homeschool Ideas

Below you will find not only educational Halloween activities that can be done in homeschool or in the classroom but lots of fun too! I have broken them down into subjects and then given you some fun ideas.

Halloween Math Activities

I am always on the lookout for FREE math worksheets when we are not using our core curriculum. I mean, I pay so much for that I don’t want to pay additional for fun Halloween activities! These Hair-Raising Halloween Word Problems from Math-Drills are fantastic.

I was worried at first that they didn’t come with answers, but panic over when you go to print them the answers are there too! I am not sure what grade they are, but I would guess they are suitable for upper elementary and middle school. If you have a younger child though they have lots of others.

Kidzone has loads of awesome FREE math printables broken into grades for kids in grades 1-5.

Halloween Reading Activities

Free Halloween Homeschool Printables

Have fun homeschooling in October with these free Halloween worksheets for kids of all ages.

You will also enjoy this Halloween crossword puzzle from ABC Teach.

Halloween History and Origins

The best place I could find information on this was from History.Com. Where they cover: Ancient Origins of Halloween; All Saints’ Day; Halloween Comes to America; History of Trick-or-Treating; Halloween Parties; Halloween Movies; All Souls Day and Soul Cakes; Black Cats and Ghosts and finally Halloween Matchmaking and Lesser-Known Rituals.

2 girls wearing halloween costumes in front of 2 jack o lanterns

After we have read this I found an interactive Halloween history quiz here to test our knowledge.

Halloween Science Experiments

Little Bins For Little Hands shares with you 31 days of Halloween stem activities, including, slime, pumpkin explosions, and much more for you to have fun with.

girl wearing a witchs outfit making a spell over a book

Free Halloween Activities

Education.com has a number of free Halloween worksheets for grades K-8

Twinkl has a number of FREE worksheets for Halloween in all subjects for all ages.

Live Worksheets have lots of interactive Halloween worksheets for all ages and are so much fun.

Halloween Books for Kids

These are our favorite Halloween books for middle schoolers, once they have been read Freddie will fill out a book report.

Free Fun Halloween Activities

Have fun this October with these fun Halloween homeschool activities that kids of all ages will love.

Halloween Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are such a fun and easy way to refocus and calm, we have created 10 FREE spooky (not scary) Halloween coloring pages you can all enjoy as a family.

Why not send your loved ones a handmade Halloween card with our 8 free printable Halloween cards to color.

10 Free Halloween Coloring Pages for Kids of all ages

Halloween crafts

If you are looking for the best easy Halloween crafts check out our favorites we have found this year.

What about creating a pumpkin handprint?

Halloween Costume

This is the most important outfit of the year for kids, well it is for Freddie anyway. This year he wants to dress up as his favorite Star Wars character, but this was him in his outfit last year with his best friend.

2 boys in Halloween costume

That red hair dye was a pain though as it went everywhere. Luckily we spent the entire evening outside! He was having fun despite the picture, I think he was trying a sultry look, haha!

Halloween Treasure Hunt

No treasure hunts are not just for the Easter Bunny!! And no matter how old Freddie is, he still seems to love a good Halloween treasure hunt (he is now 11 and I am sure I will still be doing these for a number of years!).

Or why not have a Halloween escape room and download our free party invitations and get the kids around.


Pumpkin Carving

This is something we have done every year, well actually every year in the UK. Since living in Florida with the heat we now just decorate the pumpkin with paint and Halloween stickers. It is still so much fun, and we always have a competition to see who decorates the best pumpkin.

Halloween Pumpkin Decorating

Halloween Street Party

After finding out recently that Freddie has a peanut and tree nut allergy we don’t go trick or treating anymore. However, that does not stop our fun. We set out a table on the drive with candy for the neighbors and just enjoy dressing up and having fun with friends.

If you are having a party with the neighbors or family check out our favorite Halloween games to play.

Halloween Street Party
halloween homeschool fun

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