12 First Day of Homeschool Fun Activities with Free Printables

16 July 2021 2 Comments
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As we head towards our first day of homeschool, I like to try and find fun activities for us to do, but also take some time to reflect on previous years. We always create some all about me questions and back to school mad libs, which you can download for free at the end of this post.

I have put together our favorite first day of homeschool activities for you to enjoy with your kids.

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Best First Day of Homeschool Activities

Back to School Mad Libs

We absolutely love mad libs, it starts the day with a big smile on both of our faces. We just have an absolute blast. I have created two back to homeschool mad libs for you to download for free at the end of this post. We hope you have as much fun as we do playing it!

Homeschool mad libs, back to school mad libs perfect for your first day of homeschool. Free printable

All About Me Questions for Kids

This is a great way to find out what your kids are thinking. Now as homeschool moms we think we already know, well I did! It was certainly eye opening some of his answers. I have created a free download for you, that you can grab at the end of this post. The best answer that Freddie gave this year, was:

When I am older I want to be………. the CFO for Disney

Maybe he should focus a little more on schoolwork, but hey, dream big baby. I was very proud!!

All about me questions for kids free printable

Special Breakfast

Start the day the right way, by giving them their all-time favorite breakfast. They will be super impressed, especially if you are anything like me, and he normally has toast 99% of the time. So switch it up a bit, and they will feel so special.

Have a Day Out

This is especially good if your first day of homeschool is the same as the public school kids. Take them to the zoo or the water park, it will be empty!

Get them a treat

Give your homeschooler their own homeschool planner so they can keep track of their work. Check out our top 30 homeschool gift ideas.

Treasure Hunt

If you love scavenger hunts as much as we do, why not hide all of their supplies for homeschool. We do this every year, it is so much fun.

Educational Board Games

Play educational board games and have a gameschool day! Why not have fun learning, especially on the first day of homeschool.

First day of homeschool free printables

Take Lots of Breaks

You don’t need to homeschool for 6 hours a day (and in fact, I definitely don’t recommend it), but make sure you all take lots of breaks. Get them to play on the trampoline or in the swimming pool if you are lucky enough to have one. Or just go for a walk, anything to get them moving.


Depending on the weather, you could have a carpet picnic, or enjoy the nice weather. Or why not order in a take-out?

Online Games

Play educational online games, our favorites are Prodigy for math, typing games, and Night Zookeeper. Freddie chooses to play these on a weekend, so if I said on his first day of homeschool he could play them, he would be delighted.

Online Class

Have a fun lesson on Outschool or if the kids are older what about Masterclass? Freddie has most recently taken magic classes and star wars classes on Outschool, and the Steph Curry basketball class on Masterclass. He has never had a bad class, and it is something different than schoolwork!

Kids Subscription Box

Order an educational subscription box for them, check out our favorite kid’s subscription boxes. There are so many to chose from, science boxes, cooking boxes, literature and art boxes, stem, and many others. You can have hours of fun with monthly boxes, we love them.

Grab our First Day of Homeschool FREE Printables

Let me know what you do for your first day of homeschool in the comments.

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