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Bucket List For Christmas – Have The Best Family Christmas EVER

Christmas Bucket List
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Christmas will be here before we know it, so I wanted to put together a bucket list for Christmas that you can do together as a family.

This is our first Christmas that Freddie knows Santa isn’t real (he was devastated, but we did manage to keep it going until he was 11, so I think we did really well!).

So I wanted to create even more wonderful Christmas traditions that we can all do as a family this year. To keep it as super special as ever.

The Best Bucket list for Christmas that you can do together as a family this December #bucketlist #christmas

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Bucket List for Christmas

Make A Christmas Cake

We have been making the Mary Berry Christmas Cake recipe from scratch for a number of years. We start making it towards the end of October, to make sure it matures and doesn’t crumble.

Color In Christmas Cards

In November we will start creating our own Christmas coloring cards (download our designs for free). We have to start early as ALL of our family is in England (the last date to ship from the USA to the UK is December 6th, 2021).

North Pole Breakfast

Even though he now knows the Elf on the Shelf isn’t real it doesn’t mean we will stop the FUN! The weekend after Thanksgiving we will be having a North Pole Breakfast with some friends.

North Pole Breakfast Table

Make Gingerbread House

As Freddie has a severe peanut allergy we always make our own deserts (just to be safe) and the gingerbread house is no exception. We use these gingerbread house silicone molds and they are AWESOME!

Make Snowman Soup!

Ok, it is just hot chocolate, marshmallows but we add it to these Snowflake clear cone treat bags and they look so good.

Write a Christmas Wish List

I use this as writing practice as well as a good way to find out what he actually wants for Christmas. If you have younger children I highly recommend getting them to send an actual letter to Santa. Both USPS and the UK Royal Mail will write to you back if you send it to their address, but make sure to get them sent before December 6th.

Read Christmas Books

Our top 5 favorites for all ages groups are:

Watch Christmas Movies

We tend to watch EVERY Christmas movie Netflix has to offer, and this year will be no exception. But my personal favorites are Elf and Christmas with the Kranks!

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Any excuse for a party! But why not gather the kids over for an ugly sweater party!

Donate to a Christmas Toy Drive

This is such an important part of our Christmas, there are so many Christmas toy drives I am sure you will find at least one near you.

Play Christmas Games

We love playing educational board games all year round, but why not try our FREE Christmas scattergories game, or another favorite is the Christmas Rush card game. Check out over 20 of the best Christmas board games here.

Make Christmas Cookies

Make some Christmas cookies to leave out for Santa. If you don’t have any cookie cutters these are the ones we use.

Christmas Cookies

Create a Christmas Day Menu

As we are from the UK, we like to have a traditional Christmas Dinner (in fact it is pretty much the same as a Thanksgiving dinner!). So get the kids to create a really nice Christmas Day Menu and if you are really lucky they can serve the dinner too! (or maybe not!)

Go to a Sports Game

As we are basketball fans we will try and see Miami Heat play over Christmas.

Make Paper Snow Flakes

These are so easy (and free) to make and the kids will love them. If you need some inspiration though check out this Youtube video.

Write and Color Christmas Thank you Cards

Download and print out our free color in Christmas thank you cards

Write a Christmas Story

With the help of our 40 Christmas writing prompts get the kids to write a Christmas story.

Create a Christmas Eve Box

If you don’t know what to put in them, check out our Christmas Eve Box for adults and Christmas Eve box filler ideas for kids.

Personalised Christmas Eve Box - christmas eve box ideas for 9 year old boy

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Download our FREE scavenger hunt for Christmas clues or our Elf on the Shelf scavenger hunt and have lots of fun!

Christmas Word Search

Have a day of playing games with this FREE Christmas word search printable for kids of all ages.

Host a Secret Santa

Why not set a limit of $10 and have the kids get together and have a secret Santa. I mean who doesn’t love receiving presents!

Build a Snowman

Unless like us and you live in South Florida! No, I’m really not complaining, the weather here is fantastic this time of the year! So we will go swimming instead!

Take a Photo With Santa

If you have younger children there is nothing cuter than having their photo taken with Santa. You can do this in most shopping malls.

If you have enjoyed this bucket list for Christmas check out lots of others here, there are bucket lists printables for every occasion!

What is on your bucket list for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below.

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