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Embarking on the journey of homeschooling middle school is both a challenge and an opportunity. And now comes the pivotal question: What’s the best middle school homeschool curriculum for each and every subject?

We’ve explored a wide range of homeschooling resources on our homeschooling journey and picked out the best homeschooling resources for the middle school years.

We are secular homeschoolers, so all of these middle school curriculum resources are not religious. Explore top 6th grade – 8th grade curriculum picks for a secular, comprehensive education.

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Best middle school science curriculum

As a homeschooling mom, I’ve come to cherish the flexibility and quality time spent learning with my child. But, there’s been one subject that’s managed to consistently test my patience and enthusiasm, science.

When I first delved into the world of the best homeschool science curriculum options, I found myself overwhelmed by the sheer range of choices, curriculum, and online resources available.

This phase of my child’s education is undeniably important. A time when their curiosity should be nurtured and scientific concepts should come alive. Yet, the prospect of effectively teaching intricate scientific principles, facilitating complex experiments, and keeping my child engaged seemed quite daunting.

But, my determination to provide a well-rounded education pushed me to explore various alternatives. From traditional textbooks to hands-on kits, I scoured the web in search of a solution that could make science less intimidating for both my child and me. These are the best resources we use for teaching homeschool science:

science notebook

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Best middle school math curriculum

Let’s talk about math, it’s not just a subject; it’s a passion that runs deep in our household. We’ve had the incredible fortune of discovering two middle school math curricula that have become our favorites.

When we first started exploring the world of the best homeschool math curriculum options, we knew we had to find the perfect fit for our math-loving child.

Mr D Math, an online curriculum that stood out for its comprehensive approach and engaging teaching style. Through Mr. D Math, our child not only grasped complex math concepts but also developed a genuine enthusiasm for problem-solving.

On the other hand, Teaching Textbooks added a fun twist with its interactive lessons. Making math an adventure rather than a task.

Middle school language arts curriculum homeschool

We’ve got a lineup of absolute favorites that have taken our language arts game to a whole new level.

First up on our list is the best homeschool literature curriculum from Common Sense Press. This curriculum has added a whole new layer of excitement to our reading adventures. Watching our middle schooler dive into stories, analyze characters, and explore the beauty of language has been a true delight.

english language arts

But that’s not all, we’ve got a toolkit of awesome resources that have made language arts a journey filled with fun and discovery:

  1. The Vocabulary Builder Workbook. Seriously, this workbook is like a word wizard’s dream come true. It’s all about boosting vocabulary in a way that keeps our kid engaged and eager to learn.
  2. The Dragon Grammar Book. We’re all about turning grammar into a mythical adventure! This book has transformed what could be a boring subject into something fun and exciting.
  3. Spectrum Language Arts workbook. This workbook is like a treasure trove of language arts skills. It covers reading, writing, and communication in a way that’s both comprehensive and engaging.
  4. Spectrum Spelling workbook. Spelling practice doesn’t have to be dull. This workbook turns it into a challenge our kid can’t resist tackling.
  5. How to Read Literature Like a Professor: For Kids. Unraveling the secrets of stories? Yes, please! This guide has our middle schooler exploring the deeper meanings behind the tales they read.
  6. Crash Course English Literature. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we’re diving into English literature like never before. These online lessons make learning about literature super interactive and exciting.

And here’s a little gem we stumbled upon: a book by Ken Ludwig that makes teaching Shakespeare an absolute blast. Yes, you read that right – Shakespeare can be fun!

Best middle school history curriculum

Let’s set our compass to the captivating realm of history. A subject that has the power to transport us through time and connect us with the stories of the past.

Our history journey has been a dynamic mix of textbooks, stories, and hands-on experiences. From delving into the castles and courts of the Middle Ages to exploring the lives of historical figures and civilizations.

trekking through history review

These are the best homeschool history curriculum resources for middle school history:

  1. Middle Ages History Odyssey from Pandia Press. The Middle Ages come to life with this curriculum that weaves together stories, activities, and projects.
  2. Beautiful Feet Books. This resource isn’t just about learning history; it’s about experiencing it through the stories of real people and cultures. It has a unique way of connecting our child to the humanity behind historical events.
  3. Sonlight. Now, here’s an interesting one. Even though we’re secular homeschoolers, we’ve found Sonlight’s history curriculum to be exceptional. Its approach to literature-based learning has resonated with our middle schooler, and it’s the only religious curriculum we recommend.
  4. Best history books for kids. Sometimes, the simplest approach is the most effective. We’ve found that exploring history through a diverse selection of well-written books sparks curiosity and fosters a deep appreciation for different time periods.
  5. Best history board games. These interactive games have turned learning about the past into a family-friendly competition. Sparking discussions and laughter around our dining table. From strategizing in ancient civilizations to reenacting historical events, these games prove that education and fun can go hand in hand.

Financial literacy for middle school

Navigating the world of finances is a crucial life skill that we believe should be taught from an early age.

In our quest to provide our children with the tools they need to make smart financial decisions. We’ve discovered some fantastic resources that have made learning about money both engaging and practical.

One standout resource that has truly impressed us is Moneytime. A comprehensive financial literacy curriculum tailored specifically for middle schoolers. We’ve taken the time to explore Moneytime thoroughly, and in our Moneytime review, we’ll delve into why we consider it to be the best financial literacy curriculum for kids in this age group.

Best money board games have become a regular feature in our household, providing opportunities to learn about budgeting, investing, and making informed choices in a fun and interactive way.

Additionally, financial literacy worksheets have proven to be valuable tools for reinforcing concepts and helping our children develop practical skills. These worksheets cover a range of topics, from budget planning to understanding credit and debt.

Middle school geography curriculum

Exploring the world through the lens of geography is like embarking on a thrilling adventure without leaving the comfort of our home. We’ve curated a collection of resources that have transformed geography from a mere subject into an exciting exploration.

At the heart of our middle school geography curriculum is Beautiful Feet Books: World Geography & Ecology. Through literature, discussions, and hands-on activities, this resource has fostered a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of the world.

But learning about geography doesn’t stop within the pages of a book. We’ve tapped into the power of interactive resources, such as the best geography board games and map games for kids, to turn learning into play.

To further reinforce geographical knowledge, we’ve incorporated State games for kids into our curriculum. These games have not only deepened our child’s understanding of the United States but have also sparked curiosity about the unique characteristics of each state.

Additionally, free printable geography worksheets have become a valuable tool for reinforcing concepts and allowing our middle schooler to apply what they’ve learned. These worksheets cover topics ranging from landforms to climate, providing opportunities for hands-on exploration.

petra coloring page

Add a few of the best geography books for kids to the mix and you have a full 3 year middle school geography curriculum.

Middle school keyboarding curriculum

Mastering the art of keyboarding is an essential skill in today’s digital age.

A skill that will serve them well throughout their academic and professional journey. After exploring various typing curricula, there’s one that stands out as the clear choice for homeschoolers of all ages, Typesy.

In our comprehensive best homeschool typing curriculum review from Typesy, we delve into why this curriculum has won our trust and recommendation. With its user-friendly interface, adaptive learning approach, and engaging lessons, Typesy offers a tailored typing experience that caters to each learner’s pace and progress.

typesy spelling test

Middle school music appreciation curriculum

Diving into the world of music appreciation with our middle schooler has been an absolute delight. We’ve embarked on an enriching journey of the best homeschool music curriculum that has opened up a realm of melodies, rhythms, and stories.

We have recently started a unit study on composers, which you can download, or try our 6 free composers worksheets.

Coding curriculum for middle school

Venturing into the world of coding with our middle schooler has been a thrilling experience. Coding, in particular, has emerged as a dynamic and creative outlet that not only sharpens problem-solving abilities. But also fosters a deep understanding of technology.

Our journey into coding has been guided by a collection of the best coding websites for kids, all of which offer free resources. These platforms have proven to be both engaging and educational, providing our middle schooler with the tools to explore the fundamentals of coding and programming.

Additional middle school resources

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