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As we are now nearly over this global pandemic, I thought about all the new home educators in the UK, and how overwhelmed we were when we first started out. We have been homeschooling for about 3 years now and wanted to share the resources that we have either used or still use in our homeschool. ALL of these resources are either from the UK or are available in the UK, and more than half of them are completely free.

I have broken it down into age and subject for ease of use. Although we have used all of these resources, some of them we have written detailed reviews on, if I have, I have added the review link, so you can check it out.

Homeschooling in the UK

We have been home educating now for about 3 years and although it is becoming more and more popular in the UK, there are so many people that don’t understand how it works.

You can teach your child at home, either full or part-time. This is called home education. You can get help with home education from your local council. … As a parent, you must make sure your child receives a full-time education from the age of 5 but you don’t have to follow the national curriculum.


** There may be affiliate links in this post,  which means we may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through the link. **

Top 10 Homeschool UK Resources

In this section, I have only included the educational resources that we use and love. We have reviewed most of these resources too. The reason I have included both Edplace and IXL is I can’t pick between them. We go between both resources however, you only need one of them.

Homeschool UK

This section includes resources that cover multiple subjects and multiple age groups. So a bit of everything. These are the resources that we use every day and if we need to supplement with either more maths, or we want to study history, we will use more specific resources as detailed further in the list.

  • IXL – Maths and English resources for children aged between reception to year 13. Prices from £7.99 per month, they offer a 20% discount for new members. Check out my full and honest review of IXL, this is an American program, however, in my review you can see how we made it work.
IXL 20% Discount for home education families
  • EdPlace – KS1 to KS4 there is now a free access account. Exclusive discount just for my readers – get 20% off subscriptions with code: FREDDIE20
Ed Place. Access over 3000 learning resources in Maths, English and science
  • Twinkl – this is a must for printables in my opinion. Twinkl is for all areas of the curriculum and is for all ages up to KS4. Price from £4.49 per month. Check out my review of some of their free educational resources.
  • Adventure Academy – an amazing “game” for kids aged 8-13. They will learn maths, English and science in a really fun “game”.
  • BBC Bitesize – this is for all aged children and has lots of videos and helpful articles. This is a free service.
  • TES– there are some free resources on here, although you can purchase each individual topic or resource.
  • Teachers Pay Teachers– This is for all children and they have lots of free resources. There are also paid for worksheets and printables.
  • Teaching Packs – priced at £22.50 per year for thousands of teaching packs.
  • Activity Village – access to over 37k printable activities at only £19.95 per annum
  • Khan Academy – Free personalised learning resources for all ages and all subjects.
  • Learning Resources Science Museum – This site brings together resources from museums, including activities, games, and videos. Discover activities to support a range of curriculum topics for use in the classroom, in museum galleries, and beyond. KS1 – KS4 and they are free resources.
  • Education Quizzes – KS1 – GCSE educational quizzes to help with all areas of the curriculum. £9.95 per month.
  • Quizlet – Free education resources for KS1 – KS4
  • Exemplar Education – Maths and English resources including access to an online tutor, or phone. Read my full review of Exemplar
  • Kidztype – Free typing games to help with touch typing
  • Typesy – Cheap access to a great typing program aimed at kids with great games. Read my review of Typesy here.
  • Open Learn -Free learning from the Open University. There are some amazing free resources here for children aged 13 and over.
Homeschool UK over 75 educational resources, more than half are free   #homeschooluk

Homeschool UK Resources for KS1 and KS2

A lot of the homeschool UK resources listed above are also suitable for KS1 and KS2 including Edplace and IXL.

  • The School Run This is for primary school year children. There is a 14-day FREE trial. When you take out your trial you can choose one of three subscription packages: £42 for six months; £66 for 12 months; £99 for 3 years.
  • Primary Leap – this is for primary school children and they offer a free subscription. You can, however, upgrade to a paid subscription from £6 per month.
  • Teach it Primary – All subjects great for primary school. There are free subscriptions and paid for subscriptions start at £49.95
  • Top Marks – primary free resources.
  • Rising Stars primary school resources, a lot of free resources.
  • Soft Schools primary school free resources.
  • Primary Resources free resources for primary school children
  • Oxford Owl free resources for primary school children
  • Every School– free resources for primary school children.
  • Have Fun Teaching – free resources and worksheets for primary school children.
  • @school  – Quarterly subscription £9.99
  • Apple for the Teacher – from £16.65 per year
  • Parents in Touch – from £20 per year

Homeschool English Resources

If you are looking for a homeschool spelling curriculum check out my latest blog post.

  • Night Zookeeper – Online writing tool for children aged 6 -12, with interactive lessons. If you follow my link you will receive 50% off.
  • Literacy Shed – Videos and worksheets to help with English for primary school children.
  • Reading Eggs  helping children learn to read, there is a free 30 day trial and then £39.95 for an annual subscription.
  • Puzzle Maker a free tool for making your own word puzzles.
  • TeachIT English KS3 and above there is a free subscription or paid for start at £55 per year.
  • Nessy – Great tool for children with dyslexia, prices start from £8 per month
  • Teach your monster to read – a free resource to help children learn to read.
  • Picture Book Explorers – there are a few resources or some paid topics to chose from.
  • Phonics Play -for younger children learning how to use Phonics. Free trial and free resources available.

Best Homeschool Maths UK Programs

Check out my recent homeschool math curriculum blog post

  • The Maths Factor – Carol Vorderman’s online maths school. This is for primary school children and costs £9.99 per month, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. Packed with incentives for children including real medals which get sent in the post if a child completes a session every day for 30 days.
Maths Factor, a great home education resource
  • Thinkster Math – They claim their students see up to a 90% improvement in Math scores within 3 months. What I do know for sure is they have a 7-day free trial, so why not see for your self.
  • Smartick – fun maths curriculum online for children aged 4-14. We have reviewed this great maths resource, and there is a massive 15% off for you plus a free trial. To learn more about the Smartick math program check out our review.

Science Curriculum For Homeschool UK

If you are looking for a homeschool science curriculum check out my recent blog post.

Over 75 of the very best homeschool uk curriculum
  • Outstanding Science primary school resource at £25 a year.
  • Mel Science – They have created a standalone educational package that will captivate your child by demonstrating real science principles in all their beauty and depth. They offer a next-generation chemistry set delivered as a monthly subscription. Get up to three experiments a month to expand your child’s horizons. Includes a free VR headset and Starter Kit.
Mel Science the best science subscription box
  • Developing Experts – Developing Experts brings science into your home for children aged 4 to 14 years. Create your FREE 14-day trial account and get instant access to over 700 interactive, online science lessons at your fingertips.
  • Teach It Science KS3 and above. There is a free subscription or paid for subscriptions that start at £30 per year.
  • Mystery Doug – This is a free resource
  • School Science – This is a free resource.
  • Sublime Science – there are free resources (they also do amazing parties, which we did a couple of years ago and the kids loved it)
  • BBC Terrific Science – free resources
  • Interactive Elements Table – periodic table in pictures and words.

History Homeschool Resources

If you are looking for a homeschool history curriculum check out my latest blog post.

Best Homeschool Geography Curriculum

Check out our huge list of geography curriculum in our most recent blog post.

Foreign Language for Homeschoolers

Check out 19 of the best foreign language curriculum for homeschoolers blog post

  • Rosetta Stone – trusted by the likes of Lego and BMW, Rosetta Stone is the absolute best in learning a foreign language.
Rosetta Stone UK Basic Offer
  • Duo Lingo (Tiny Cards) This is an amazing free app and it has so many different languages to learn.
  • Lingopie learn a foreign language while watching your favorite shows/cartoons, free 7 day trial
  • Teach it Languages – KS3 and above. There is a free subscription and paid for plans start at £30 per year.
  • Babble – They offer 13 different languages and there are free resources and paid for subscriptions starting from only £4.75 per month.

Homeschool Coding Websites for Kids

Over 75 of the best UK homeschool curriculum resources

IGCSE Homeschool UK

  • Echo Education focuses on courses for IGCSE and Key stage 3 they have experienced home educators and often courses with or without tutor support.
  • Educator – Math and science for high school and college students.

Homeschool Tutoring Online

  • If you want your children to have live online classes why not check out Outschool.
  • My Tutor offers 1 to 1 private tuition in the UK, the tuition costs as little as £20 per hour, and it is all online. They have given over 1 million lessons and you can even opt for a FREE 15 minute chat before you decide. Check out our review on their online tutors here.
  • Mark My Papers is an independent marking service. You need to scan the children’s work to them and they send it back marked with full detail. This is for children from KS2 up to A Levels.

Homeschool National Curriculum Books

The National Curriculum in England – Handbook for Primary Teachers – this is like my homeschooling UK bible! I refer to it a lot, especially as we use American homeschool resources.

Homeschool UK Facebook Groups

Home Education UK – this is an amazing supportive Facebook group that has over 41k active followers.

I hope you find these educational websites useful. If you know of any other homeschool UK resources please let me know in the comments and I will add them.

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