150+ Educational Holiday Activities For The Entire Year

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We homeschool all year round, however, when it comes to fun holidays, we put away the core curriculum and do fun educational holiday activities instead.

This post will be constantly added to as we create new content. But if there is a holiday we haven’t covered that you want us to do please leave me a comment below.

I have added a countdown timer for the upcoming holiday so you can get prepared nice and early!

These holiday activities although do have educational value, they are ALL FUN! Which around the holidays is the most important thing! Check out all of our holiday activities posts here.

Use the table of contents if you know what holiday you are preparing for.

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Educational Holiday Activities for the entire year. Get prepared this year with this huge list of holiday activities perfect for homeschool

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Year of Celebrations

I have recently come across this book A Year Full of Celebrations and Festivals with over 90 fun and fabulous festivals from around the world! Of course these I have listed below are covered, but there are so many more celebrations I had never heard of!

Carry on reading for all of the holidays we celebrate and the resources we will be using to have fun with. Most of these are completely free and perfect holiday activities.

Martin Luther King Jr Day Educational Fun

Holiday Activities - MLK

Valentine’s Day Educational Activities

Holiday Activities - Valentines Day

Presidents Day Homeschool Lessons

Holiday Activities - Presidents Day

St David’s Day Homeschool Fun

st david's day

Favorite Books for World Book Day

world book day

This is a strange one, as although it is World Book Day the UK celebrates it on the first Thursday in March. But the rest of the World celebrates it on April 23rd! The top countdown timer is for the UK.

PI Day Activities

Pi Day

St Patricks Day Educational Activities

Holiday Activities - St Patricks Day
Holiday acctivities for the entire year for kids that are both educational and fun.

Educational Easter Holiday Activities

Holiday Activities - Easter

Earth Day School Fun

Earth Day Activities

St George’s Day Educational Activities

st george

Educational Fun for Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day

Cinco de Mayo Educational Fun

cinco de mayo

Memorial Day Fun for School

memorial day

Independence Day Educational Activities

Holiday Fun 4th July

Roald Dahl Day Fun for School

Holiday Activities - Roald Dahl Day

Educational Activities – Talk Like A Pirate Day

Holiday Activities  - Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Halloween Educational Fun

Holiday Activities - Halloween

Bonfire Night

Holiday Activities - Bonfire Night

Remembrance Day (Veterans Day)

Holiday Activities - Remembrance Day

Educational Fun for Diwali



Holiday Activities - Thanksgiving



Educational Christmas Activities

Holiday Activities - Christmas

New Year’s Eve

New Years eve balloon countdown

What are your favorite holiday activities? Let me know in the comments below.

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